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In the late 1990's, New Jersey recognized that the mental health system in place at that time was not meeting the needs of children with complex behavioral, emotional, or mental health challenges

Under the direction of former Governor Christie Whitman, and with input from a dedicated group of parents, New Jersey launched the Children's System of Care Initiative, which is now known as the Division of Child Behavioral Health Services (DCBHS).

The vision was designed to create a system of care that focused on family strengths and community resources. A system of care is a coordinated network of community-based services and supports that are organized to meet the challenges of children and youth with complex behavioral, emotional and mental health needs. Families and youth work in partnership with public and private organizations to design an individualized plan that is effective and that builds on the strengths of individuals to address each person's cultural and linguistic needs. The system of care assists youth and families work better to remain in their home, school, and own community.

The Family Support Organization of Union County is your family's local system of care and is comprised of real family members who have navigated some of New Jersey's more complex systems (e.g., DYFS, Juvenile Justice, Mental Health and Special Education) on behalf of their own children. We have faced immense challenges that have impacted our own families. Through real testimony and life experience, we have found that when families receive help and support from another parent or family member who experienced some of the same or similar challenges they currently face, they find their own voice and encouragement. Through honest peer to peer support, we help to ensure that every family is afforded the opportunity to address their child’s physical, emotional, intellectual, cultural and social needs

Our Organization

The Family Support Organization of Union County is a system partner within New Jersey's Division of Child Behavioral Health Services (DCBHS) which is designed to help children with complex emotional, mental health or behavioral issues. The DCBHS is a system of care that focuses on family strengths and utilization of community resources.

The FSO is a private, non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization funded by the New Jersey Department of Children and Families, Division of Child Behavioral Health Services.

Our Goals

  1. Ensure that families can access the care they need for their children right in their own communities.
  2. Offer family-friendly assistance and responses to family's needs.
  3. Keep families together by providing parents and caregivers with the necessary resources.

Financial Statements

2018 Audited 2018 Audited (192 KB)

Board of Directors

Dr. Nigel Sangster

Tiffany Mayers

Dashua Hinton

Charles Hatchett

Deborah Butler

James DeVone

Heliana Gerena

Joyce Sanchez Hatchett

Tina Holmes-Aponte

Charles Roland

Charles Smith

Office Staff

Dr. De Lacy D. Davis
Executive Director

Gail W. Seagull
Office Manager / Executive Assistant

Carol Russell
Community Development Specialist

Oshunusi Semper
Family Support Partner Coordinator

Andrea Marabuto
Family Support Partner

Licette Rodriguez
Family Support Partner

Karen Russ
Team Leader / Family Support Partner

Nilaja Sanders
Family Support Partner

Stephanie Shepherd
Family Support Partner

Bernice Hightower
Youth Partnership Coach